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We sold our first box of FILFIX in 1988; our products are now sold in every town in Greece.

Filfix Hellas, is a guaranteed company manufacturing FILFIX book covering products. Our philosophy has always been to drive innovation in the area of book covering. Initially, realising that there must be a better way of covering books than with wallpaper or brown paper, we produced and sold our first box of Filfix products in 1988. Since then, we have sought to create and deliver industry-leading products in the field of book covering.

Historically, schoolbooks were mostly covered at home by parents. However in recent years, schoolbook shops have started offering book covering as a service and schools are increasingly covering books as part of their book rental scheme. This created a need for an efficient method of covering large volumes of books.

With this in mind, and by listening to our customers we were able to design new products that offer a simple, innovative and reliable solutions including the FILFIX Book Covering Machine, our PEEL & SEAL® system και τα πάντα εύχρηστα Filfix Covers.

Through our entire suite of products we offer a one-stop shop for your book covering needs. If however you do not find what you require or would prefer a variation on what you see please contact us directly and we will gladly specify a product to suit your particular requirements.

Our products

Peel & Seal

Book Covering Machine

This patented colour coded system is the most efficient and economical way of covering books.

Covering Machine

FILFIX Book Covering Machine

Custom fit protective covering on any book with our German engineered book covering machine.

Filfix Covers

Filfix Covers

Rolls and wallets designed to protect your books against dust, grime and everyday wear and tear.

Our Latest News

School & Office 2017

Monday, 3 April, 2017

We would like to kindly thank all of our customers for their support and cooperation... once again... School & Office 2017.

School & Office 2016

Tuesday, 12 April, 2016

The team of Filfix Hellas would like to thank the coordinators of the School & Office 2016 exhibition, as well as all of the visitors that showed such a big interest and trust in our new Filfix Peel & Seal products...
Thanks a lot!!!

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